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We truly love Livin’ life the Large way, from our family to our dogs to our horses. Livin’ Large Farms is a family business owned by us, Heather and Gerardo Crispin, and operated by us with the help of our 4 children. All of our animals are treated as members of the family. No matter the age or the size our animals are expected to be on their best behavior at all times and are taught to respect their humans and each other.

We are currently showing our draft horses (Ok, I admit we have a couple of non-drafts, too, but even they are on the large side!). We are also breeding the rare Sugarbush Draft Horses. We are eagerly awaiting our 2011 Sugarbush foal out of Sugarbush O Rosamunde and Sugarbush Harley’s Classic O. Our hope is to help bring this breed back from the edge of extinction.

We are also breeding high quality Great Danes. Our love of this breed developed when I got my first Dane about 15 years ago. They are the BIGGEST, sweetest, most loving dogs who would love nothing more than to curl up with you on the couch, snuggle and watch a movie.

We invite you to contact us and allow us to share our love of these magnificent gentle giants with you.

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