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My name is Heather, and I have been riding since I was 7 years old. My parents introduced me to horses at my Dad’s company picnic and I was hooked. Riding was just a passing hobby for a few years, while I wanted with all my heart to ride every day and have my own horse, it just wasn’t meant to be until I got older. Spring Break in junior high is when I finally got my wish! My parents needed something to keep me busy and signed me up for riding lessons. I got to take one every day! I spent the entire day at the barn! I was thrilled! I loved it so much and I begged for a horse. My parents decided to be responsible and told me that I had to stick with riding lessons for a year before I could have my own horse (this is the BEST advice I can give to any parent whose kid wants a horse!).

One year later, I finally got my horse! My parents bought Captain, the horse I had been lessoning on. I loved him so very much. When I started taking lessons, I was riding Western and showing in Western Pleasure shows. I then moved on to English, Jumping and Eventing. I truly love riding my horses and enjoy showing. Currently I’m learning more about Roping and other Ranch type riding events!

Gerardo is my loving and supportive husband. He plays a HUGE role in helping me care for our animals. While I handle the training, riding, showing and vet care, he handles all the maintenance, groceries, trailering and humoring of the wife (this is a big job!)

Jacob is my oldest son. He helps me with feeding, doctoring and riding. Jacob’s soul mate is Tango, his 7 year old Paint Horse. Tango is a finished head horse and Jacob is working on his roping skills, so be watching for him! He is currently working Tango in Western Pleasure and did great at his first show! Jacob’s other “baby” is One Ton, he has had One Ton since he was 4 weeks old and is a permanent member of the family.

Gabi is my precious cowgirl. She shares Cash with her twin brothers. She is my little helper and loves riding all the horses. She also helps care for our dogs and keeps the chatter level up everywhere we go! She rode Tango (since Cash was still in training) in her first horse show and handled herself like a pro and she showed Apollo in hand at the TDHMA show, coming away with first place!

Juan is my helper; everywhere I go he’s right there with me. He is currently stealing my baby (Apollo) out from under me! He helps me feed, groom, doctor, load and show our horses. He showed Apollo in his first show and placed in every class! If you’re in the show ring, you might want to watch out for him!

Gerardo is Daddy’s boy! If you see my husband, you’ll find Gerardo. His job seems to be to keep everything interesting, exciting and to keep everybody on their toes! He enjoys riding and is waiting for Cash to come home from the trainers.

One Ton is our first family Great Dane. He is a 3 year old, neutered, black with white markings Great Dane. One Ton lives up to his name, weighing in at 175 pounds. He is Jacob’s baby and is a permanent member of Livin’ large Farms.

Heather riding O
Heather riding our Sugarbush Draft stallion, "O"

Gerardo with Dually
Gerardo with our Great Dane puppy, Dually

Jacob and Tango
Jacob and Tango at their first show
Gabi and Apollo
Gabi and Apollo at Gabi's first show
Juan and Apollo
Juan and Apollo at Juan's first show
Gerardo practices roping
One Ton
One Ton and Dually